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October 7, 2016

Umesh Vaghjiani: Meet the Interior Designer Behind 'Beautiful Day Dream'

photo by: Ziv Sade

Umesh Vaghjiani is a Los Angeles based interior designer and his latest project “Beautiful Day Dream” is turning heads! In fact, I doubt you have ever seen an interior design promo quite like this one! The video already has 90,000 views (in the first few days) on Facebook and is best described as a fusion of interior design, fashion, and S&M. I was lucky enough to be able to produce the shoot and direct the video, so I wanted to share the story behind the project and introduce all of you to Umesh Vaghijiani.
photo by: Ziv Sade

1. Tell the reader how this project and video came to be?
I met the client Munira Virany at a social event, she had seen my work at previous clients home and came over to congratulate me. I was so impressed with her stunning sense of style . We bonded over her amazing shoes. LOL! I normally don’t like to discuss shop at social events but she was the exception to the rule, and landed me this large project of designing her home.
Fast forward two years later, the interior design for the home was complete, and I was looking for a photographer who would be able to translate my vision. After extensive interviews with many photographers, I was exhausted and nearly gave up, but as luck would have it I came across a link to Ziv Sade’s photography website. We set up a meeting the following day, which lasted a wonderful 6hrs, and we immersed our selves in the artistic world of film and photography. Ziv Sade then arranged a meeting with Brad Hammer, who came on board as the producer of the photo shoot and the director of the video. Working with Brad Hammer was a once in a lifetime experience. Brad put together an incredible team of super talented people who understood the vision and added their own personal magic to the project. Notably Timothy Willy (creative director and hair stylist), Natalie Garnica (stylist), Hilary Montez (makeup), Fiorella Occhipinti (cinematographer), and Shawn Adeli (editor). I also want to give a shout out to Shokra, Marco Marco, and Rock Star Wigs!

2. What was your inspiration when designing this project?
The source of inspiration for designing this home came from my client Munira Virany who has a wonderful energy and her personality speaks volumes. It is rare to meet a client who gives you unlimited freedom to design. Normally I would run ideas and concepts by a client, then have to play the wonderful game of yes and no. Munira is just different and since our energies were so in sync, she trusted me from the start to the finish.
photo by: Ziv Sade
3. What are some of your favorite design features for this projec ?
Its very difficult to decide which are my favorite design features in this home, since I had so much fun and joy in creating all. I do really love the bookshelf and the blue plate wall. The bookshelf was created in what I call a divine moment. The vision was so clear I immediately sketched it on a paper the size of a post card.

4. Were you worried the every day design community might think your photos and video were too risqué ?
I was worried a little at first of my video and photos being too risqué, but I had a strong feeling of conviction. To be honest, I was not looking for acceptance by my peers in the everyday design community. I would rather inspire people through my art, which happens to be interior design. It just made sense to me because interior design has a close relationship with fashion, photography, cinematography, makeup, hair, etc. Ziv Sade added, “We wanted to create something that did not specifically reflect the interior design aspect, but also something bigger that will reflect a lifestyle, an idea, a vision, a dream. We wanted to create visuals that will reflect sexuality and freedom of expression in design and with design.”
photo by: Ziv Sade

Below are some more photos from the “Beautiful Day Dream” photo and video shoot. You can find more info on Umesh, here.

photo by: Ziv Sade

photo by: Ziv Sade

photo by: Ziv Sade

photo by: Ziv Sade

photo by: Ziv Sade

photo by: Ziv Sade


photo by: Ziv Sade

photo by: Ziv Sade

photo by: Ziv Sade

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