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October 26, 2016

13 Reasons Men And Women Ask Their Spouses For Divorce

The only thing that hurts more than hearing “I want a divorce” is hearing the reasons why your spouse wants to leave the marriage.  Below, women and men on Whisper ― a free app where people divulge their secrets anonymously ― share the explanations their spouses gave them for wanting a divorce.  type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Stories + articlesList=57a27ec4e4b0f019c3e4b354,57db09dde4b08cb1409491ad,57964134e4b01180b52fad5a,579fc7b9e4b0e2e15eb6ea31 — This […]


How To Deal with Transgender People!

In the recent years, Transgender people have been trending around the world. Either in pop culture or in everyday conversations. So I wanted to make a video on 5 basic rules on how to deal with transgender people. Many people people are just ignorant and some people just don’t know so I hope you enjoy […]


Tom Hanks Wants The New 'Splash' To Have A Gay Twist

Tom Hanks has no qualms about a planned remake of “Splash,” the 1984 romantic comedy where he fell head over heels ― er, fins ― in love with a mysterious woman (Daryl Hannah) who turned out to be a mermaid.  In August, Disney announced plans for a “Splash” reboot, albeit with a gender-swapping twist, starring […]


October 25, 2016

Sean Hayes Says He's 'Ashamed And Embarrassed' For Staying Closeted

Sean Hayes is now a proud gay man, but he has a few regrets about his coming out process ― namely, taking so long to address his sexuality in the first place.  The “Will & Grace” star was honored with the Trailblazer Award at Outfest’s 2016 Legacy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. In his nearly […]


Bisexual Guys Open Up About Their Experiences Dating Both Men And Women

When people talk about bisexual men, their comments are often shrouded in stigma. Because of expectations tied to traditional (read: outdated) ideas about masculinity, bisexual men face intense cultural scrutiny over their sexuality and are often invalidated or told that they don’t exist. However, they certainly do exist, and in this video from popular vlogger […]


Mary Lambert Drops By Stonewall For A Heartfelt Performance

Mary Lambert braved chilly temperatures and blustery winds to surprise fans with a pop-up performance outside New York’s Stonewall Inn Monday evening. The singer-songwriter, 27, kicked off her three-song set with “She Keeps Me Warm,” the 2013 single that references the chorus of 2012’s “Same Love,” the Grammy-nominated same-sex marriage anthem on which she collaborated […]


October 24, 2016

From Time Ideas: Do You Have A Right To Privacy In Your Marriage?

Privacy, a new off-Broadway play starring Daniel Radcliffe at the Public Theater in New York City, contemplates all the ways in which the digital revolution has destroyed privacy — and it mourns for its loss. The provocative production got me thinking about renowned couple’s counselor Esther Perel’s Ted Talk, “Rethinking Infidelity.” In her eloquent lecture, […]


Dead Or Alive Singer Pete Burns Dead At 57 Of Cardiac Arrest

Dead or Alive frontman Pete Burns died Sunday of “a massive cardiac arrest,” according to a statement posted to his Twitter account on Monday. He was 57.  “It is with the greatest sadness that we have to break the tragic news that [our] beloved Pete Burns of (Dead or Alive), died suddenly yesterday of a massive […]


Next On The Sexual Health Agenda

Thanks to groundbreaking new legislation in California, we expect the Golden State — like the city of San Francisco — to get closer to zero new HIV transmissions. AB 2640, sponsored by the Los Angeles LGBT Center and APLA Health, ensures that people who get tested for HIV receive information about how PrEP and PEP […]


October 23, 2016

Here Is An Amazing And Easy Way To Explain Feminism To Kids

The most recent installment of our favorite web series for kids is taking some of the more specific topics addressed in earlier episodes and using them to zoom out and tackle another very important concept: feminism. Lindsey Amer’s “Queer Kid Stuff” unpacks queer themes and experiences in a way that is both educational and entertaining […]