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August 25, 2016

70 Times Fox News Was Sexist AF, In 6 Minutes

Got six minutes? Then you have time to witness 70 instances of sexism courtesy of Fox News.  Last August, non-profit organization Media Matters for America released a video that rounded up 70 times Fox News was really freaking sexist. Here’s just a handful of charming quotes directed at women in the video: “Didn’t men give you […]


Reporters Still Claim Donald Trump 'Talks Openly About Gay Rights' WTF?

I can’t believe I have to write this again. But too many in the media continue to promote a shallow narrative about Donald Trump and LGBT rights. They engage in dangerous shorthand, which betrays a lack of real interest in the issue while they try to easily slot Trump into a story. Latest example: Week […]


Why Aren't More Parents Vaccinating Their Kids Against Cancer?

If there were a vaccine that could protect your 11-year-old son from getting cancer as an adult, you’d make sure he got it, right? As it turns out, this immunization exists, but a majority of young boys are not adequately protected, as journalist Jane Brody noted in The New York Times on Tuesday. The human papillomavirus […]


August 24, 2016

Tab Hunter Talks About His Documentary And LGBT Issues (AUDIO)

I talked with screen legend and LGBT Icon Tab Hunter about Tab Hunter Confidential the fabulous documentary that’s now available on FilmRise in Blu-Ray and DVD. This fascinating film is a must-see for our LGBT community, allies and beyond. In this intimate stylized documentary Tab narrates the true story of what it was like to […]


Gay Couple Makes History In South Africa With Birth Of Triplets

A gay couple have become the first recorded same-sex couple in South Africa to have children born of both parents’ DNA by way of a surrogate mother.  Christo and Theo Menelaou reportedly fertilized a single egg each by way of their surrogate, resulting in the birth of triplets. The Menelaou’s triplets also contain a set of […]


'The View' Gets A Campy New Theme Song Courtesy Of Mary J. Blige

As “The View” gears up for its 20th season, the show released its brand new theme song and a shiny video to go with it.  The song, titled “World’s Gone Crazy,” is a catchy pop tune performed by Mary J. Blige (WHY, MARY J.?!) and written by Diane Warren. The video, which may or may […]


August 23, 2016

People Across The Country Are Handing Out Tampons To Homeless Women

One organization is helping to alleviate the high cost of menstruation for homeless women.  Volunteers for nonprofit Happy Period hand out feminine hygiene products to homeless women in shelters and on the street. About once a month, people gather at the nonprofit’s nine chapters in the U.S. and Canada to collect donated menstrual products. They assemble […]


Here's What Happened When A Drag Queen Interviewed Trump Supporters

We’re at that point in this election cycle where people are no longer being coy about their bigotry ― something Junkee learned first hand when they sent Australian drag queen Courtney Act to a Trump rally to interview the Republican nominee’s supporters. The results are… troubling, and certainly not funny anymore as the presidential election […]


The Pay Gap Gets A Hilarious Musical Twist In 'My Unfairly Paid Lady'

Who knew a musical number about the pay gap could be so catchy?  In honor of Women’s Equality Day on Aug. 26, Make It Work released a parody called “My Unfairly Paid Lady” to highlight that women are often paid less than men for the same job and that this pay gap disproportionately affects women […]


August 22, 2016

A Record 53 Out LGBT Athletes Compete In Rio Olympics

This article originally appeared on Outsports. The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio has a record number of publicly out lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender athletes. Outsports and Olympic and LGBT historian Tony Scupham-Bilton have identified at least 53 out athletes who are competing, as well as three coaches. There are 42 lesbian or bi women, […]