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February 4, 2016

Black Trans Lives Matter, Too

Tragically, 2015 was the deadliest year on record for black trans and gender non conforming women with the total number of murder victims ranging from 21-25. Our average life expectancy is a paltry 35 years, less than half that of the average cisgender woman. The violence against folks like us is occurring at a rate […]


February 3, 2016

Coming Out to Your Partner as Transgender

“No. You’re not leaving me,” she said. “I’ve decided and that’s it.” I’ll never forget those words or the image in my mind of her standing there in the kitchen crying. Pleading with me. You see, I was trying to break up with her. Why? Because I was afraid to tell her the truth. I […]


Not Queer, Just Gay. No, Thanks.

This may be my last contribution to what I will always call “Gay Voices.” I am no fan of the decision by office staff to label us all “Queer” in the name of inclusion. I’m in favor of a more inclusionary name. Using a term many of us find insulting and painful, however, is not […]


Proud Women of Africa: Rainbow Girls

Co-authored by Nick Schönfeld. I have a friend called Dagny Warmerdam whom I met during my time in Cape Town. Over the years Dagny has become one of the most important people in my life. We’ve been through so much together: stressful commercial shoots, an impromptu beached-whale rescue, and most recently spending a week with […]


In Iowa, Hillary Shows She's Learned Something About Running While Female

This post originally appeared on The Cut. By Rebecca Traister For all those Democrats who fretted for the past year about the probability of a listless primary, and for any who (inanely) predicted a “coronation” for Hillary Clinton (I mean, just as a point of fact, in the U.S. we don’t hand out president crowns, […]


February 2, 2016

10 Steps to Winning the Transgender Bathroom "Debate"

1. Stop Calling It a Debate – If your argument against allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms associated with their gender identity amounts to repeating a lot of garbage that is patently false, it is not a debate. There are truth-tellers and there are liars. 2. God Said… – All ye who are persons […]


Enough is Enough: Stop Trying to Legalize Discrimination

Over two decades after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (also known as RFRA) was signed into law in order to “ensure that interests in religious freedom are protected,” the legislature in West Virginia has introduced House Bill 4012. This “License to Discriminate Bill” not only rejects our state motto, but it also further […]


The Interview That Crossed The Line — And What I Still Believe About Vulnerability

At the 2014 Grammys, I performed “Same Love” alongside Madonna and Queen Latifah while 33 couples were married on live television. And then I floated to the planet Orkjar on a golden pop-tart, because in what universe does a chubby lesbian get to be a red sparkling princess lady that sings about gay love? I […]


O-Kern-Homa, the 2016 Edition

Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern is at it again. It is a new year and she has put forward a series of new, particularly cruel, anti-LGBT bills. “If that flusters the homosexuals, I’m sorry,” she declared. I am a homosexual, and I am flustered. And I do not believe for one minute that Rep. Kern […]


Ted Cruz Scares Me the Most

Donald Trump dominates the headlines as a result of his lead in national polls, despite (or perhaps because of) saying outlandish, crazy things at every turn. He appeals to the worst, and most visceral, reactions of a base that is losing its place in an America they are afraid of. It’s clear to anyone who […]