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January 15, 2019

Ballet Star Sergei Polunin Dropped By Paris Company After Sexist, Anti-LGBTQ Rant

“Man should be a man and woman should be a woman,” the famed dancer, who has been called the “James Dean of ballet,” wrote on Instagram. Source: Queer Voices


Billy Eichner Grills Colton Underwood About Virginity On 'The Bachelor'

“Maybe you’re the first gay Bachelor and we don’t even know!” Eichner joked. Source: Queer Voices


Randy Rainbow Releases Mocking Musical Number About Donald Trump's Wall

The new spoof song ridicules Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Pence and Trump himself. Source: Queer Voices


January 14, 2019

Here Are The Movies Coming To Netflix This Week

A standout movie of the early 2000s joins Netflix. Source: Queer Voices


January 13, 2019

WWJD? Oppose An Anti-Lynching Bill, Apparently.

When conservative Christians would rather see LGBTQ people lynched than their rights protected, we have a serious problem. Source: Queer Voices


January 12, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard’s Homophobic Remarks Surface After 2020 Presidential Announcement

The Hawaii Democrat’s previous stance on same-sex marriage has come back to haunt her after she announced her bid for the White House. Source: Queer Voices


January 11, 2019

Logan Paul Says He Plans To 'Go Gay' For A Month, But Twitter Users Aren't Amused

The controversial internet celebrity draws angry comments after he implies that being gay is a choice — or a joke. He later calls it a “poor choice of words.” Source: Queer Voices


Terry Crews Perfectly Explains Why People Are Still Upset With Kevin Hart

“He feels like he’s being attacked,” the actor said. “But the truth is, he’s not.” Source: Queer Voices


What Counts As Cheating? Six Couples Define Infidelity.

We asked couples to tell us what they consider a betrayal. Here’s what they said. Source: Queer Voices


Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez Induct Cazzie David Into Their Squad For '20Wineteen'

The pop stars and Pete Davidson’s ex made their friendship official with a couple of wine-fueled Instagrams. Source: Queer Voices